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Sea to Sky's newest furniture store serving the area of Vancouver, Squamish, Whistler & Pemberton.

Retro Modern designs has created a Mid century Modern collection of furniture inspired by the great

designers from that Era. Our current collection of Indonesian Teak Root and Suar wood dining tables

 is in our showroom in Pemberton. We have produced many one of a kind original pieces of designer

furniture. Our Mid century Modern furniture collection is currently in production and will arrive before

Christmas. Rare & High quality designer furniture is now affordable and easier to own than ever before.

Our Collection

Mid century Modern Lounge chairs

Our Collection of Mid Century Modern lounge chairs was inspired by some of the greatest designs from the Mid Century. Designers like Vladimir kagan, Finn Juhl, Arne Vodder, Hans wegner and Charles Eames. These designers paved the way for furniture design and created some of the most sought after and enjoyed pieces of furniture ever created. Some of these designs are almost 100 years old and are still as stylish and enjoyed by furniture designers and enthusist alike. Owning one now is possible through the efforts of our designers.

Solid Teak & Suar wood Dining tables.

Our Solid wood Dining table collection is made from %100 sustainable farmed wood. All of our tables have been Kiln dried for at least 60 days to ensure the best moisture content in the wood. Each tables has been finished with its own unique finish offering many different finishes to choose from. We have a full collection of Solid teak dining tables with wooden legs and a full selection of Solid Suar wood and Suar & Resin dining tables with a choice of Metal legs. 

Mid Century Modern

Teak sofas

This Collection of Mid Century Modern designed Sofas offer some very unique designs that you are unlikely to find anywhere else. Made from Solid Teak Wood and finished with fine fabrics and quality leathers. We were inspired to by the works of Vladimir Kagan, Hans Wegner, Arne Vodder, Poul jensen and many other great designers. These pieces are a tribute to there great works and contributions to furniture design.

Indonesian Teak Root Collection

This collection of Indonesian Teak Roots represents hundreds of years of aged growth Teak Trees, Many hours of work to dig these ancient roots out from the ground and spend countless hours sanding and sculpting. Each one of these pieces is unique and truly one of a kind. Very rare and sought after for there natural beauty and smooth lines.

Mid century Modern 

Dining chairs

Mid century Modern Designer dining chairs. Made from solid teak wood and finished with fabric or fine leather. Our collection includes designs by Kai Kristiansen, Poul Jensen, Finn Juhl, & Hans Wegner. Don't be fooled by some other imitations made from Ash or Beech. Come and see and feel the quality of Teak wood and real Leather dining chairs.

Mid century Modern 

Sideboards ,Console & Tv Stands

These Mid Century Modern designs are a perfect fit to any dining room. made from Solid teak wood (no veneers). These pieces will last you a lifetime and provide style and function.The combination of wood and steel in a few of them really bring out the Retro Modern Designs. 


Arne Vodder design Recliner in Teak and leather.

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