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The story behind Retro Modern designs started many years ago from growing up around Mid century Modern furniture in my own home. Fast forward to today, raising a family in Pemberton,BC it became necessary to start a business. Choosing to start a designer furniture company in a small town was obviously going to come at some risk but the idea made a lot of sense. The town is growing and there is no furniture stores around. So I decided to build a collection of my favorite pieces from designers like Charles Eames, Hans J Wegner, Arne Vodder & Finn Juhl and have them made near our second home in Asia where furniture making is all around. Living in Asia exposed us to the amazing craftsmanship there and it only made sense from that point on. We travel there twice a year so it would be a perfect way for us to continue that legacy while we are directly involved with the production and designs being made. Each one of these pieces has been carefully chosen, crafted with the finest materials, and made for you to enjoy for a lifetime. We look forward to the local community of Whistler & Pemberton & Squamish getting to see our collection of fine furniture and sharing it with them. Our next collection of Mid Century designs is almost done and will be arriving soon. Mid Century Modern & Designer custom Furniture is growing in popularity and now it is available and affordable for everyone to own.

Our Philosophy

Although some would disagree, we believe that imitation is the best form of flattery, and if you are going to imitate you better do it well. While having an original piece of furniture from the Mid Century by any one of the great designers is like owning a piece of art, they also do come at a cost. Original Mid century modern & Custom design pieces of furniture normally cost you as much as 3 times the price as new store bought pieces, and original pieces are also 60+ years old. We manufacture brand new pieces of custom furniture from the best materials, some inspired by the classic designs from the Mid century Era and some brand new designs of our own. Because we manufacture them ourselves we can make them for a fraction of the cost as buying an original. Although some of our designs resemble other designers works we do not claim them to be originals.Our productions have all been custom made by our own designers in our own factory. All of our designs has been chosen by us and we follow the production along every step to make sure the end product is unique and built to last. So, if your going to spend money for quality furniture with great designs we feel owning our brand new designs is the way to go.