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About us

Retro Modern designs started as a passion project for me and a side hustle. But 2020 made me realize that it was time to take more control over my life and make this a real company. After 2 years of being in business, I have learnt alot and what it takes to produce high quality sought after Mid Century Modern designer furniture. Since the business model is about reproducing these amazing pieces, You have to make sure you’re going to do it right and that you give the designs the respect and appreciation they deserve.

So that has been the mission, to find the best suppliers that are making the nicest pieces of reproduction designer furniture and offer them for an affordable price. The end result is you create a high-quality designer piece of furniture in some cases that would be obsolete or extremely rare because they are such old designs and so few remain around.

And if that is the case that the originals are so rare & valuable. It gives what we do in our opinion that much more meaning and respect because if it wasn’t for the reproduction market many of these pieces would be almost unknown and out of reach to the ordinary buyer. So, what we are doing at Retro modern Designs is in my opinion a Grand tribute to all the designers, and we are saying we recognize you and want to let the world know about you. and celebrate your designs.

There is an incredible new breath of enthusiasm currently in the world for Mid century Modern furniture and the trend has been around for a long time and will continue to stay around.

Our brand tag line says “Furniture that won’t go out of style.” and that is exactly how we feel. There is a very good chance that if you purchase one of our pieces in our collection it will be the last piece of furniture you ever sell.

And that is super cool about this collection. In my opinion,

You’re not furnishing your whole home with our designs. In most cases your buying 1-2 pieces. Because we are focusing so much on lounge chair and living room designs right now. We are trying to be the Go to source for high end quality made designer lounge chairs & sofas, And with the amount of In Stock items we carry in our Pemberton Showroom there is a good chance at any given time we will have that dream piece you have always wanted and can’t live without.

And if we don’t at the moment, stay tuned (like us on Facebook or Instagram) because we have orders coming in every month. And each new order has new surprises and many one of kind pieces that usually sell fast!

We ship all over Canada and Deliver Free locally from Pemberton, BC to Vancouver weekly. This is more than a job, it is a passion that I love doing.

If you would like to visit the showroom and see the collection for yourself, send me a message or email. I am always around and available.

Its worth the drive to Pemberton. I hope to see you soon.

Jeff Gold

Retro Modern Designs