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About us

Retro Modern Designs was created out of necessity. After moving to Pemberton and trying to find furniture for our own home we quickly realized that there was not many local options. Either drive 2 hours to Vancouver or order something online that we couldn't even see or feel before buying. The Sea to Sky area is growing and there is no furniture stores around. Retro Modern designs is now a new furniture store providing quality Designer furniture reproductions of some of the most famous and desired pieces from the mid century. And you can actually see in before you buy them. Our collection includes some of our favorite pieces of furniture made from designers like Charles Eames, Hans J Wegner, Arne Vodder Finn Juhl, Mid Century Modern & Designer custom Furniture is growing in popularity and now it is available and affordable for everyone to own.

We are passionate about design and quality. We have put a lot of effort into finding the best suppliers of our products having sourced them from all over the world. We have visited factories verified there quality control to make sure the products we offer are consistent and offer the best value for our customers. 

Although we use some names and design models to reference our pieces in our collection we do not want people to think we are selling original pieces of furniture by the original designers.

Any of the designer pieces of furniture that we sell that are referenced with a model name and designer name are all reproductions.We respect these designers that helped paved the way for great furniture designs and are helping all of the fans of these designers have a chance to own a piece of furniture that otherwise may not be available or affordable for them to own as an original piece.

Owning a replica piece of furniture may not be for everyone, but we love these designs so much we feel like we are doing more good than harm by offering them to our customers.

Can you imagine living in a world where pieces like the Eames Chair or Wishbone chair no longer existed? We are trying to make sure that doesn't happen and everyone has a chance to own a piece of furniture history.

We are a local Pemberton business and passionate about providing a great customer experience and quality products.

Thanks for you business and we look forward to helping you with your designer furniture needs.