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Before Retro Modern Designs even was an idea we had a long term vision of one day opening a Furniture company and being self sustaining.

We wanted to be able to produce quality furniture without having to worry about where we would get the material. Because we spend time every year in the Philippines where we have a second home we decided to start planting trees so that one day they would be a sustainable source for us to begin our business.

Fast forward to today and Retro Modern Designs is a Furniture company. We are currently sourcing our material from another source that is %100 sustainable and plan to one day harvest our own trees to make quality furniture with.

Making furniture out of quality hard woods means you need the resources from mature trees and if people are not planting new trees these materials will one day not be available.

We currently have a 4 hector property with over 2000 Mahogany trees. Every year we intend to take proceeds of our business and continue planting trees there so one day our company will be %100 sustainable.