We try and carry the most authentic collection of fabrics and leathers to help make your custom furniture design process as simple and affordable as possible. We are always on the hunt for new materials to use for our collections and below you will find images of swatches and pictures of actual furniture to help with your decision. contact us if you have any questions.

We don't ship out swatches. 

Premium leather

Check out this nice collection of Italian, Analin and full grain leather options.

Premium velvet

A colorful collection of colors with a Retro vintage style. to them

Shag Boucle

Soft durable and cozy.

Modal velvet

A Soft and thick durable velvet. Available in a wide arrange of colors. %100 polyester and designed for heavy wear and use. Also provide excellent durability and easy to clean.


A very soft fin corduroy. A true retro modern design. This corduroy offers some great color options.

Maya boucle

A soft, durable Boucle fabric, Very comfortable and easy to care for.

Senza boucle

Soft durable Boucle in a wide selection of colors

Hive fabric

A totally new and unique fabric design. Available in 3 vibrant colors

fluffy boucle

A super soft and cozy Boucle. An irresistible soft touch. Very comfy.

soft chenille

Soft, smooth and comfortable is what this fabric looks and feels like.

micro suede

A synthetic micro suede with an ultra soft touch.

Tight weave jazz

Luxurious texture in this tight woven fabric upholstery.

Angie fabric

Versatile fabric with multi color weave stiching, available in a black/white pattern.