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Retro Modern Designs

Tufty 2 piece sectional

$3,299.00 $2,999.00

Left side chaise
Right side chaise
No ottoman
With ottoman

Our Tufty sofa, is inspired by the designs of Patricia Urquiola, Our production of this sofa is a premium full scale reproduction of the tufted modern classic chaise sofa sectional. 

This frame of the Tufty Sectional was hand-assembled using solid wood. Each tuft on this sofa and every seam is hand-sewn. 

This Tufty Sectional sofa set features a reinforced bottom seat cushion and High density foam for a long lasting comfort.

A classic modern sofa. This design is perfect for lounging with the double wide chaise. Over 10 feet in length this sofa will provide lots of room. Sold as a 3 piece sectional.
available in Cashmere, Velvet , Boucle. Or Leather. 

contact us for any questions.

 Please allow 8-10 weeks for your custom sofa to be made.